*Start Here for Application Details*

*Please note: To practice in North Carolina you must take and pass our licensing exam, we do not have a reciprocity/endorsement policy.*

*If you are a military applicant applying for licensure under GS 93B-15.1 please see Military Applicants page*

In order to receive an application, send a written request including all of your contact information (mailing address, email address) along with the $50 application fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to the NC Board of Optometry.

Once received, we will create and email you an application to complete and have notarized. Please be aware that you'll need to return the completed application by the deadline noted here as Application Deadline. All documentation, as detailed below in the checklist, must be received by the Completion Deadline here or your application for examination will be denied.

Be sure to review the following pages for more detailed information about the exam and applicant requirements:

Examination Dates

Applicant Information

NBEO Requirements

Preparation Instructions and Study Guide


  • Returned by Application deadline:
    • Completed application, notarized in two places
    • passport size photograph affixed to the first page
    • Check made payable to NC Board of Optometry in the amount of $750
  • Returned by Completion deadline:
    • All supporting documentation
      • Birth Certificate (photocopy accepted)
      • Optometry college/university transcripts showing date degree was conferred (official). i.e. you must have already graduated with your O.D. degree to apply for this exam
      • Pre-optometry college/university transcripts (official)
      • Qualifying NBEO Scores