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*Please note: To practice in North Carolina you must take and pass our licensing exam, we do not have a reciprocity/endorsement policy.*

*If you are a military applicant applying for licensure under GS 93B-15.1 please see Military Applicants page*

Be sure to review the following pages for more detailed information about the exam and applicant requirements:

Examination Dates

Applicant Information

NBEO Requirements

Preparation Instructions and Study Guide


  • Submitted by Application deadline:

    • Completed application

    • Photograph

  • Submitted by Completion deadline:

    • All supporting documentation

      • Birth Certificate (photocopy accepted)

      • Qualifying NBEO Scores

      • Request official documents from your institution be sent to samantha@ncoptometry.org:

        • Optometry college/university transcripts showing date degree was conferred (official). i.e. you must have already graduated with your O.D. degree to apply for this exam

        • Pre-optometry college/university transcripts (official)

Applications Closed, Will Re-open September 1

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