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*Please note: To practice in North Carolina you must take and pass our licensing exam, we do not have a reciprocity/endorsement policy.*

*If you are a military applicant applying for licensure under GS 93B-15.1 please see Military Applicants page*

Be sure to review the following pages for more detailed information about the exam and applicant requirements:

Examination Dates

Applicant Information

NBEO Requirements

Preparation Instructions and Study Guide

Provisional License - required if practicing in North Carolina prior to obtaining a license with this Board


  • Submitted by the Application deadline:

    • Completed application

    • Photograph

  • Submitted by Completion deadline:

    • All supporting documentation

      • Birth Certificate (photocopy accepted)

      • Qualifying NBEO Scores

      • Request official documents from your institution be sent to samantha@ncoptometry.org:

        • Optometry college/university transcripts showing the date the degree was conferred (official). i.e. you must have already graduated with your O.D. degree to apply for this exam

      • License Verifications from all jurisdictions where you are currently licensed.

        • Please request the verification be sent directly to Samantha@ncoptometry.org

  • All required documentation must be on file in the Board Office no later than the Completed Application Deadline. Any applications that are incomplete at the time of the Completion Deadline will be ineligible for the examination applied for and will be refunded or, the applicant may request, in writing, that his/her application be held one time only until the next regularly scheduled examination.

  • An applicant who by reason of accident, illness or other good and sufficient cause, may upon proper certification to the Board of the cause of the withdrawal, request that his/her application be carried forward, one time only, to the next regularly scheduled examination. Applicants who do not appear at their designated time for examination forfeit the examination fee and their application is voided.

  • Applicants whose applications are approved will be notified and furnished details concerning their examination and schedule shortly after the Completion Deadline

Applicants who have withdrawn from a previous exam or were unsuccessful should apply for a new application within their account on the Board Intranet. If you cannot locate your login credentials, please contact the Board Staff at info@ncoptometry.org.