Teaching Policy

Policy on Licensure Requirements of an Optometrist Teaching Optometry Students in an Optometry School or College of Optometry Located in North Carolina

North Carolina General Statutes section 90-115.1(2) entitled “Acts not constituting the unlawful practice of optometry,” provides that a North Carolina license to practice optometry is not required when a person is teaching optometry students in a school or college of optometry located in North Carolina and approved by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners in Optometry (the Board) and when the teacher maintains an optometry license or licenses in any state or jurisdiction of the United States.

A person seeking to qualify under the provisions of G.S. 90-115.1(2) must meet the following conditions:



In cases such as these, a teacher would need a North Carolina license because he or she is practicing optometry rather than teaching.  Practicing optometry within the state of North Carolina requires licensure by the Board. 


Approved 3/6/23