Military Applicants


*Please note: We do not have a reciprocity/endorsement policy.*

Be sure to review the following pages for more detailed information about the exam and applicant requirements:

Applicant Information

NBEO Requirements

Preparation Instructions and Study Guide

Military Checklist:

  • Currently ACTIVE DUTY or the spouse of an ACTIVE DUTY service member.

    • A member of the reserves is not considered 'active duty'

  • Submitted application

    • Completed application

    • Photograph

  • Birth Certificate

  • Optometry college/university transcripts showing date degree was conferred (official) email to

  • Pre-optometry college/university transcripts (official) email to

  • Qualifying NBEO Scores

  • License Verifications from all jurisdictions where you are currently licensed.

    • Please request the verification be sent directly to

  • Three letters of recommendation email to

  • Proof that you have been licensed and actively engaged in the practice of optometry for at least two of the preceding five years

  • Any documentation or information the applicant can provide which establishes that his/her clinical education, training, and experience is substantially equal to that of persons licensed by the Board through its clinical-practicum examination procedure.

  • Military optometrist-spouse - in addition to the items listed above: evidence of an active license to practice optometry duly issued by another state or jurisdiction and evidence that he/she is married to an active member of the U. S. military.

Once your completed application, along with all required documents, is received by the Board office your application will be considered approved. From the date of approval, your interview will be scheduled within 30 days (unless you request a waiver for another date).

To apply: Request military application via email, sent to