General Statutes: Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

§ 90-114. Optometry defined. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-115. Practice without registration unlawful. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-115.1. Acts not constituting the unlawful practice of optometry. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-116. Board of Examiners in Optometry. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-117. Officers; common seal. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-117.1. Quorum; adjourned meetings. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-117.2. Records and transcripts. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-117.3. Annual and special meetings. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-117.4. Judicial powers; additional data for records. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-117.5. Bylaws and regulations. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118. Examination and licensing of applicants; qualifications; causes for refusal to grant license; void licenses; educational requirements for prescription and use of pharmaceutical agents. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.1. Contents of original license. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.2. Displaying license and current certificate of renewal. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.3. Refusal to grant renewal of license. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.4. Duplicate licenses. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.5. Licensing practitioners of other states. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.6. Certificate issued to optometrist moving out of State. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.7. Licensing former optometrists who have moved back into State or resumed practice. [RTF] [PDF]

§§ 90-118.8 through 90-118.9. Repealed by Session Laws 1981, c. 811, ss. 4, 5. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.10. Annual renewal of licenses. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-118.11. Unauthorized practice; penalty for violation of Article. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-119. Persons in practice before passage of statute. [RTF] [PDF]

§§ 90-120 through 90-121. Repealed by Session Laws 1973, c. 800, ss. 19, 20. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-121.1. Board may enjoin illegal practices. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-121.2. Rules and regulations; discipline, suspension, revocation and regrant of certificate. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-121.3. Hearings. [RTF] [PDF

§ 90-121.4. Restoration of revoked license. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-121.5. Confidentiality of investigative information; cooperation with law enforcement; self-reporting requirements.

§ 90-121.6. Reporting and publication of judgments, awards, payments, and settlements.

§ 90-122. Compensation and expenses of Board. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-123. Fees. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-123.1. Continuing education courses required. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-124. Rules and regulations of Board; violation a misdemeanor. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-125. Practicing under other than own name or as a salaried or commissioned employee. [RTF] [PDF]

§§ 90-126 through 90-126.1. Repealed by Session Laws 1973, c. 800, s. 26. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-127. Application of Article. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-127.1. Free choice by patient guaranteed. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-127.2. Filling prescriptions. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-127.3. Copy of prescription furnished on request. [RTF] [PDF]

§ 90-128: Repealed by Session Laws 1973, c. 800, s. 26. [RTF] [PDF]